Training program

Trends of Internal Audit

We conduct a special session to update the Internal Auditor with current trends of internal audit and internal control concepts including how Internal Audit Function to become more active and give add value to organization. In addition, it adds value to the company by allowing it to meet its business objectives and anticipates risks by conducting an effective audit. Furthermore, we provide some tools that can be implemented in conducting the Internal Audit Best Practices and the participants can actively interact and discuss to implement the concepts.

In 2016 we will add Trends of Internal Audit in Financial Industries, besides  the regular program that we has conducted.

Developing SOPP (Standard Operating Policies & Procedures) & KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to Enhance Internal Control and Promote Efficiency & Effectiveness of the Organization.

Preparing Standard Operating Policies and Procedures can be easy for certain people but can be difficult for others, because the person may not know how to write or make it. To overcome this problem, we provide a training to develop business processes which can equip you on how to make an efficient Standard Operating Policies and Procedures. During this training, we emphasize on practicality and exercises in preparing the Standard Operating Policies Procedures.


Comprehensive Salary Policy & Process (include PPh21, BPJS TK & Kesehatan)

There are many new regulations applied in 2015, Tax, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and BPJS Kesehatan. Based on our experience as a payroll outsourcing company,  we would like to share practical knowledge on how companies are able to comply to withhold employee income tax and BPJS Kesehatan & BPJS Ketenagaan Kerjaan. This training is important for the HR or Compensation Benefit function who is responsible in providing an accurate and on-time payroll report. There are many aspect should be aware during processing those requirement, in addition, Tax Directorate initiates 2016  as a tax regulation enforcement year. Hence, it is important that the HR or the Compensation Benefit function avoid make mistakes, in order to reduce the chance of having to pay a fine due to a misunderstanding of the tax regulation.