ISO 9001 can make it Better, Simpler and Faster

Post Date : 15-04-2018
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ISO 9001 can make it Better, Simpler and Faster

ISO 9001 can make it Better, Simpler and Faster
“ISO 9001 can make it Better, Simpler and Faster” is a remark from Mr Rudi Antoni (Marketing Director from the British Standard Institution (BSI)) as he awarded the ISO 9001 certification to Widya Presisi Solusi for Quality Management System in the provision of Human Resources administration and payroll services on 11th April 2018.
The ISO 9001 certificate is both meaningful for Widya Presisi Solusi and for myself. Being a consultant for the ISO 9001 for 24 years this is another process in bringing an organization/company in implementing the “Plan-Do-Check-Act”. Additionally, the ISO 9001 helps a company to understand a customer’s need and how to provide an excellent service (in this context - to provide an accurate, punctual and confidential payroll process every month).
However, this ISO 9001 certificate is personally more meaningful for myself and for Widya Presisi Solusi. This is because I believe in the importance of knowing a client’s need, which is reflected in my personal experience and the experience of my managers in understanding the context of certain regulations. This is especially applicable in navigating through tax regulations that carries a massive consequence (fine) for clients if they fail to comply with the current regulation. I wanted my team to equally recognize the importance of this too.
Another example of this is in another case with a prospective client. I was able to understand what the current consultant was not achieving - the client’s frustration was that the current consultant had difficulty in contacting different members of the company causing unnecessary confusion and additional work. This was a very good feedback for me as it allows me to ensure this did not happen in Widya Presisi Solusi. I have found that the ISO 9001 forces us to understand the client’s needs and communicate it through email or a written document. The documentation allows us to come up with our checklist for that particular client.
We also implement a “Plan-Do-Check-Act” system to ensure that a client’s-need can be measured in the form of a client satisfaction survey or client feedback. With every feedback received, there should be a correction and corrective action implemented to ensure continuous improvement of the current system.
With the challenge from Mr Rudi Antoni in mind, regarding making it “better, simpler and faster,” I believe that the ISO 9001 has given me an insight that the process in achieving a substantial result in a company’s improvement is as important as the result itself. If we are able to make the process in itself simpler and faster, I believe clients will not only be more efficient but also happier.
Now do I realize and also I am grateful that although I only established Widya Presisi Solusi in 2013, with my experience in payroll outsourcing for more than 14 years and with this ISO 9001 Quality System embedded in this organization, I am able to bring this the organization to grow consistently in performance. We achieved the ISO 9001:2015 previously which I have found extremely helpful as it has forced the team to conduct a Risk Assessment. This allowed us to think through the risks involved in not implementing something. From there we embraced the challenge of going through the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. This ISO 9001 Quality Management System has provided an excellent framework in understanding the client’s needs.
Therefore, this achievement is merely the beginning for Widya Presisi Solusi to embrace our next challenge - to obtain the ISO 27001 certificate. This, I have understood, has been a concern from our clients in the past as the ISO 27001 ensures data and information security which understandably is essential in our role. I would welcome this challenge from Mr Rudi Antoni for Widya Presisi Solusi to continue making the company “Better, Simpler and Faster”.
Thank you once again to Mr Rudi Antoni, Mr Agung Sumantri (as Lead Auditor) and to the entire BSI team for spending so much time in helping us pursue this goal and for their profoundly inspirational speeches during this celebration and certification award session. I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr Danang Gunarto as the Auditor during the Audit Stage I and Stage II and Ms Yolanda Noveria who introduced BSI to me, without whom Widya Presisi Solusi would not have been able to obtain the BSI Kitemark and continue to evolve into a better company.