Payroll Outsourcing

We provide two kinds of payroll outsourcing services:

  • Processing your confidential salary information
  • Payroll administrator


Process your confidential salary information

We help you to concentrate on your core business process and your Human Resources Function. This is highly beneficial so you can concentrate on your strategic initiative to develop people. We are passionate to process your confidential salary information with high accuracy (including Tax/PPh21 & BPJS) and efficiency, so that your employees will be able to receive their meticulously calculated salaries on time in their bank accounts. We can assist you in submitting monthly tax reports and BPJS or Social Benefit Premium so that the information will not be shared between different functions within the organization ensuring the confidentiality of salary information. In addition, you can get better control of the salary information as it can be checked both by us and your organization. Therefore, this will avoid conflict-of-interests and ensure better accuracy. We ensure that with our updated tax knowledge and a determination to provide a solution, the salary and the tax calculated meets the regulations.

Payroll Administrator

Whether you need assistance in managing your head counts or you are planning to start a business in Indonesia, Widya Presisi Solusi (WPS) can help you. We have been trusted by multinational companies in administering and providing a contract for your dedicated employees by taking them under our payrolls. Through this, your business will still be able to grow and at the same time your local employees can pay tax in Indonesia and meet her/his obligation.

Business Process

We can help you in improving the business process of HR by streaming process from attendance to reporting to Tax, BPJS Kesehatan, and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.
The employee self-service can help to improve the efficiency of the HR function because the employees can check and request the vacation leave directly from the system. The superior can approve the leave request from the email.


We can share our payroll knowledge and HR system to you. You may attend our free half-day training to know the essential things to do in tax and BPJS Kesehatan and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan. We can share with you to understand how the HR system can help you in calculating tax, BPJS Kesehatan, and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.




More Information


IT Network Security

We are able to help and share our knowledge on how companies are able to protect their IT Network. We realise our duty in keeping confidential payroll information safe. Hence, we employ a highly-reliable security appliance named, Fortigate, partnering Fortinet. We highly believe in Fortigate's ability to protect our IT Network. The reason for this belief is due to its many multi-function security, high throughput rate and affordable price. A multi-function network security, or also known as a Unified Threat Management, can be managed relatively easily and consists of :

  1. Firewall
  2. Virtual Private Network
  3. Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
  4. Anti malware
  5. Anti virus
  6. Web--filtering to limit access to certain websites to the employees
  7. Load balancing to make 2 ISPs can be utilized optimum
  8. Traffic optimization
  9. Application control to monitor the usage of application in the company

HR Systems and Employee Self-Service

We understand that some companies not only want to outsource the payroll process, but also to use the system to control HR Data such as vacation leaves and medical reimbursements. This is so that the employees can request and check vacation leaves and claim medical reimbursements through the system. This system will help HR in reducing the administrative work of processing vacation leaves and medical claims.

We, as a payroll outsourcing company, can provide this system in the cloud. Companies, therefore, are able to benefit in being more efficient and the HR can then be more effective in developing their employees and think more strategically in helping the Management rather than processing administrative matters. In addition, because we are aware of the importance of confidentiality of HR information, we use SSL and two factor authentication to ensure the security to access to the system.

We always update the payroll system to the latest tax and BPJS regulations including PMK 23/PMK .03/2020 Tax insentives for Tax payer affeccted by Corona Virus Pandemy (insentif pajak untuk Wajib Pajak terdampak Wabah Virus Corona).

Other Business Process Outsourcing

We provide other business process outsourcing service such as HR administration, accounting, finance, tax, purchasing and general affairs. This makes your company will be able to gain the benefit in keeping your organization as a lean organization whilst maintaining the concentration of the core business. In this more uncertain world, you may keep your organization being flexible by turning some fixed costs to variable ones.

  1. "HR administration" includes employment contract administrations, leave & vacation administrations.
  2. “Accounting" includes providing the company with statutory financial statements, management analysis reports and budgets.
  3. “Finance" includes providing cash flow budgets, and assistance in payment processes.
  4. “Tax" includes paying taxes, preparing monthly tax reports as written in Tax article 21, 23 and 4 verse 2, and submissions to tax office.
  5. "Purchasing" includes sourcing for vendors, providing prices & specifications comparisons, purchase orders, monitoring deliveries and verifications of invoices.
  6. "General affairs" includes monitoring business licenses and liaisons with building managements and securities.

"Purchasing" includes sourcing for vendors, providing prices & specifications comparisons, purchase orders, monitoring deliveries and verifications of invoices.