Email Bukti Potong

Post Date : 24-06-2024
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Email Bukti Potong

Do you know that tax regulations PMK/168/2023 and Per 2/PJ/2024 require the taxpayer to provide tax receipts (Bukti Potong Pajak) issued by DJP Online to the income receiver? This requirement adds additional tasks to the HR/Comben Function to give these tax receipts to employees besides salary slips. As a payroll outsourcing company and an HRIS provider, this challenge gives us a new way to think about complying with this regulation, but we can work fast and securely. 

Introducing the Email E-BuPot, a user-friendly solution that is protected by a password and can be automatically emailed to the employees. This system is designed to be easy to use, ensuring the job can be done fast and securely. 

By implementing this new solution, we are not only meeting the tax regulations but also enhancing transparency for the client's employees, especially during Festive payments. The Tax Authority (DJP) has acknowledged the payment of these taxes with issuing the tax receipts and the employee can ensure that higher taxes have been paid to the Tax Authority.

One of the significant advantage of the Email E-BuPot is its enhanced security. The HR/Comben Function can easily store the protected BuPot in the computer without any concerns about intentional or unintentional access, as a password secures the BuPot. This feature provides security and peace of mind, ensuring that the right person can accept the tax receipts if the recipient knows the right password.

We value your feedback and want to ensure that the Email E-BuPot meets your needs. That's why we're offering a free trial. Visit to register the trial and get started with this link