Process your confidential salary information on time and accurately

Payroll outsourcing is highly beneficial because you may focus on your strategic initiative to develop people to achieve the company's objectives/goals. We help you concentrate on your core business process and Human Resources Function. We can help you to make your job done payroll process, which sometimes needs time, is tedious and not easy to manage with changing regulations. We are passionate about processing your confidential salary information with high accuracy (including Tax/PPh21 & BPJS) and efficiency so that your employees can receive their meticulously calculated salaries on time in their bank accounts. We can assist you in submitting monthly tax reports and BPJS or Social Benefit Premium so that the information will not be shared between different functions within the organization, ensuring the confidentiality of salary information. In addition, you can get better control of the salary information as your organization, and we can double-check it. Therefore, this will avoid conflict of interest and ensure better accuracy. With our updated tax knowledge and determination to provide the right solution, we ensure that salary and tax calculations meet the regulations not more and, not less.

Payroll Administrator/ Professional Employer Organization

Whether you need assistance managing your headcount or plan to start a business in Indonesia, Widya Presisi Solusi (WPS) can help engage your employee to work for your company. Many multinational companies that benefit from a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) have appointed us to administer and provide a contract for your dedicated employees by taking them under our payrolls. Through this, your business will still grow in Indonesia, and at the same time, your local employees can pay taxes in Indonesia and meet their obligation.

Human Resources Information System connects employees with Human Resources

We are proud that we have developed our software under Autonomous Oracle Database in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure which is well-known as secure and high availability because we want peace of mind for us and our clients. As we have experience processing payroll in various industries for more than eight years, we know the expectation of clients, including different tax rules such as gross, net, or mix gross and net, tax of benefit in kind etc. Our dedicated IT team serves our clients with dynamic and unique requirements to meet their needs and follow regulation rules with a parameter base set up to make it easy to adapt.


As we want our clients to be more efficient with connecting among employees, superiors and HR, we also provide apps for employee self-service to make easy connections and transparent among them. We are the first consultant to use emoticon language to express feeling for reporting the attendance and the mood of their feeling/ conditions so that the superior and HR can pay more attention if needed. We also measure whether the employees are happy during the work day or month.


We want to provide a reliable HRIS, so we offer apps that identify false attendance and can record without networks to report the attendance. 

Cyber-security and Zero Trust Network Access

Information Technology has provided a two-edged sword. It helps to increase productivity and efficiency, which allow people to work from anywhere, but also it adds additional threat as cybercrime, including ransomware and information leak. As we implement ISO 27001, we are responsible for protecting our client information. As a partner of Fortinet, we can share our experiences implementing Fortinet products such as Fortigate and Forti End Point Management Systems to protect the network and end-users. Zero Trust Network Access is the latest technology that helps to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks on the internal network and end-users. Forticlient EMS (Endpoint Management Server) controls and monitors security policies to make users work anywhere with safe access. If there is a risk to the end users, the Forti Client will automatically block the user from accessing the unsafe website. The security administrator can get reports if the end user's laptop has critical vulnerabilities to mitigate.

WPS e-learning platform

We develop an e-learning platform to develop our people, and you may use it too. Our learning material helps our team to understand to process payroll from tax (PPh21), BPJS Kesehatan and BPJS Tenagakerja, including how to report it. It also allows our employees and clients to utilize our payroll software and Employees Self Services.

Other business process outsourcing HR Administration

recruitment is tedious and challenging; finding suitable candidates takes work. Our HR is ready to find the right candidate for you from any possible resources that we can reach so that you can get the right person in your organization.  

recruitment is tedious and challenging; finding suitable candidates takes work. Our HR is ready to find the right candidate for you from any possible resources that we can reach so that you can get the right person in your organization.


Accounting: if you are in a service organization, you can outsource the accounting to us. As we are in the same service business, you do not need a dedicated accounting staff to make monthly financial statements. We can help you make the financial statements for you every month.



Our unique client trusted us to make payments on behalf of clients, and we will help our client ensure that we transfer on time and manage the cash flow.


Tax: You may outsource your obligation to report monthly withholding tax such as PPh 23 (withholding tax of services), Pph 4.2 (withholding tax of building rental) or PPh21 (withholding tax of employees/individuals) or annual corporate income return. We have prepared and do reporting to the tax office on behalf of our clients and ensure that your company complies with the relevant tax regulation.


Purchasing & GA: We have experience in helping a client to do purchasing and GA, you may get benefit from us having a shared resource, and we ensure that you will get competitive suppliers from our approved vendor list, and we can also help you to report your WLK (Wajib Lapor Ketenagakerjaan), WLP (Wajib Lapor Perda/Fasilitas Kesejahteraan Pekerja) and BKPM reports as required by regulations.