Quicker weekly and bi-weekly payroll process

Post Date : 20-09-2023
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Quicker weekly and bi-weekly payroll process

Some companies or industries still need to pay weekly or biweekly wages because employees/workers have not yet been able to manage expenses until the end of the month if employees get a monthly salary. For companies that have provided monthly salaries, it is unsurprising that employees finally say, "Wow, it's an old date", which means that the compensation received last month has been reduced/depleted. However, the salary date is still a few days away.

The habit of employees receiving weekly or biweekly wages means that companies do not easily ask employees to receive salaries monthly. Hence, receiving wages every week or every two weeks still applies in some companies, especially for employees who receive daily wages. However, in some countries, weekly or biweekly wages are still ordinary; for example, in the Philippines, labour regulations require companies to calculate salaries every two weeks. In developed countries such as Australia and England, biweekly payroll is still ordinary up to the professional level.


Therefore, PT Widya Presisi Solusi, through the HR Information System MyQuantumHR, answers the company's needs with a weekly wage system or bi-weekly wages to be able to process automatically from the attendance machine or Employee self-service (employee self-service) to report attendance and overtime requests, so that the payroll section can process weekly or bi-weekly payroll more quickly and accurately regularly.


Myquantumhr provides flexibility over payroll schedules and can shift the payroll period date if necessary so that it can be adjusted to meet the national holidays; for example, during mass leave during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, the payroll process date needs to be changed so that employees can receive wages earlier. The payroll department doesn't need to worry, and it's easier to pull attendance data and calculate wages according to attendance when the payroll period has changed.


The company needs to submit the monthly tax reporting, and the system can do this by accumulating weekly or biweekly wages into the monthly PPh21 tax reporting. Similar to tax, the company can deduct BPJS Health and BPJS Employment. This automatic process allows the payroll department to process wages more easily and quickly. The HR or payroll functions can take less time to process weekly or biweekly paychecks and fewer complaints from the employees because of fewer errors in the manual process. At the same time, HR or payroll functions can do other more valuable things, for example, increasing employees' ability to achieve targets and maintaining employee enthusiasm to be productive.


Don't hesitate to contact info@widyapresisisisolusi.com or marketing@myquantumhr.com to get a demo regarding the weekly and biweekly payroll process more easily and quickly without any hassle.